Nemesis is a 12 season TV drama set in a unique subgenre that has not been subject to any previous form of dramatic production, but which has great currency in these turbulent times for business, finance, politics and employment.

Businessmen in suits sit negotiating with corrupt politicians in the courtyard of a lavish European mansion.


Nemesis is about the personal ambitions and tragedies of a power couple involved in the febrile environments of big business and politics.

It provides a fresh and unique angle on the loyalty, treachery, greed, corruption, vindictiveness, incompetence, fake news, misinformation, market manipulation and physical danger created by the interaction of politicians, bankers, investors, company directors, international criminals, lawyers and journalists.

A distressed man in suit and tie looks off screen in a room lit with the blue light from a wall of computer screens.

Business Intrigue

At the heart of the series is Paul Dempsey, a “trouble-shooter” driven by the adrenaline rush of his lucrative work battling against this environment.

Dempsey is addicted to winning and the thrill of the chase as he stretches his fraying morals to breaking point in his quest to save failing businesses, topple the mighty and corrupt, and champion the underdog.

Paradoxically, he has a shocking secret past which threatens the lives of those closest to him as a result of his ego and his win-at-all-costs approach to his professional enemies. All the while, journalists are digging deeper.

An elegantly dressed woman in her mid-40s with long blonde hair stands in the busy lobby of a political building, with a stern look of power, influence, and fear.

Political Machination

The journalists also investigate Dempsey’s wife, Sophie.

After a successful career in financial services she is now an active part of a political family dynasty in an election year. This will come under constant threat as Dempsey’s work quickly attracts powerful enemies and the worlds of business and politics collide.

Sophie is the family's moral compass and her relationship with her husband, whilst strong, will be put under extreme stress as the pressure for her to run for political office intensifies. To protect her children, she may have to think about life without her husband, especially when a devastating press story lands.

An impeccably dressed corporate banker in his late-50s sits at a partner's desk, fixing the camera with a steely, arrogant and confident gaze.


Dempsey has many enemies, and chief among them is James Kenly, a senior banker who has sworn to take Dempsey down, no matter the cost.

Dempsey is convinced that Kenly is guilty of fraud and corruption but has been unable to make any of the accusations stick, and Kenly is in no mood to wait around until that happens.

The press are not the only ones digging deeper into Dempsey’s past, and what Kenly is about to uncover may just help him to neutralise the threat permanently.

A journalist in his late 30s sits in a cluttered, dimly lit room, surrounded by stacks of papers.


The Nemesis material, developed over several years, comprises:



Series and Character Arcs

Genre Introduction and Season 1 Story

11 further Season Stories

Pilot Script for the Genre Introduction and Season 1 Story

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